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You can accept payments today on MugglePay in an easy way. MugglePay is a pre-built payment page and complete checkout experience that can be branded for your business. Integrate once, gain new features as MugglePay evolves.

Use the following steps to create a Checkout page that lets a customer make a one-time payment or subscribe to recurring payment plans:

  • Register and Get API Key

  • Integrate with MugglePay Checkout on your website.

  • Integration test for MugglePay.

Step 1. Register and Get API Key

Register your MugglePay merchant accounts with your invitation code and get your API key at Merchants Portal.

You will find your API Auth Token (API key) for authentication. MORE

Step 2. Integrate MugglePay Checkout with your website

2.1 Add the Button

2.2 Send Request to Create Order

The button should trigger Create Order a request with purchase order information. It tells us the price amount, description, and merchant ID generated by your service.

2.3 Redirect user to Payment Page

After the Create Order succeeds, you should redirect the customer to MugglePay payment_url URL and redirects the customer to Crypto Payment page, which contains the purchase order information provided by Create Order.

2.4 Payment Callback (Webhook)

When your customer successfully completes their payment, they are redirected to the success URL that you specified. Typically, this is a page on your website that informs the customer that their payment was successful. The cancel URL is the page where Checkout redirects customers when they cancel the payment process.

Once payment is successful, you should fulfill the customer’s purchase. You can use Payment Callback webhooks to fulfill the purchase when callback event triggers.


If you can't get the callback request after a payment finished, you should check if you correctly pass the callback_url params when you send a create order request. You also can check the url at Merchants Order History Page by click Triger Payment Callback button

Step 3. Integration test

Once the integration has been completed, there will then be testing from our team to ensure it's functionality. If all checks pass, it will be ready to go.

All the transactions of orders and withdraws can be viewed in the Merchants Portal.

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