Self-managed (Non-Custodian)

What is Self-managed Commerce?

Self-managed Commerce is a non-custodial option for managing your crypto transactions. You have full control over your crypto balance. Please note that if you lose access to your addres, your funds will be irrecoverable, and MugglePay will not be able to assist in recovering your phrase or funds.

Features of a Self-managed Account:

  • Global Availability: Accessible worldwide excluding OFAC-sanctioned nations.

  • Merchant Control: You hold the private key (non-custodial).

  • Transaction Fee: 0% per transaction.

How to Sign Up:

To create a Self-managed Commerce account: "Register NOW!"

Supported Cryptocurrencies:

MugglePay (Self-managed Commerce) currently supports major stablecoins:

  • On Ethereum: Tether and USD Coin (USDT, USDC)

  • On Arbitrum: Tether and USD Coin (USDT, USDC)

  • On Binance: Tether (USDT bep20)

  • On Celo: Tether and Celo Dollars (USDT, cUSD)

For those other tokens on Ton, Solana, Tron network, it's not supported on self-managed commerce yet, but it will be available on MugglePay.

Cost of Using MugglePay Commerce:

Using MugglePay Self-managed Commerce incurs a 0% transaction fee.

Withdrawing Crypto:

Withdraw is not needed, and your registered account will be the one for withdrawals.

Payment Covering

If the buyer pays from crypto exchange, the payment amount might not be exact match. Please create a ticket if you want to disable the feature.

For example, when buyer pays the $100 invoice from Coinbase Commerce, the withdrawal fee is $0.2 for USDC. $99.8 will be received if the buyer forgot about the withdrawal fee. We will mark the invoice as completed even if it's underpaid within a reasonable range.

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